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What Life's About!

Posted on February 16, 2014 by | 15 views

Have you ever watched the sky on a starry night? Universe is really
unimaginable and inconceivable. Have you ever wondered, how did I end up
here? Where am I going? Is there a purpose to my life? Life is the most
beautiful and undescribable. Noone can't deny it, life itself, when a
child is born, the sunset, the nature, the colurs, the flavours,
ourselves, our feelings and greatest of all, Love. The way all things
works, all living things, It's so advanced and complicated and far beyond
human thinking and what we could imagine.
The likeliness it would have started and proceeded by itself is almost
nonexistent. Is there someone behind everything? Are there more to this
life then we can see? Deep within our hearts there is something that tells
us that, if we listen carefully. Read More in Our Lifstyle area - What
Life's About - Coming 2014!
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